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Snowy Owl Soft Toy Grey – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Snowy Owl Soft Toy Grey

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This majestic Snowy Owl is a splendid soft toy to take home and cuddle.

Its magnificent fluffy appearance, charming large eyes and adorable feet - make this the perfect bedtime companion and perfect plush farm friend for storytime.

With feathers as white as snow, it is no surprise where the snowy owl gets its name from. Unsurprisingly, the Snowy Owl lives where there is plenty of snow, like the North Pole. Here their feathers are nicely camouflaged from predators, allowing the birds to hunt freely.  

Fast Fact 

Male Snowy Owls get whiter with age.  


Brrr! Polar cold.  

Believe it or not... 

They swallow small prey whole. Yikes!