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Micro Pigs For Sale – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Micro Pigs For Sale

 Piglets Due! Mid June 

Willow & Milo Proven Boar & Gilt 

Freya & Milo -   Proven Boar & Gilt             

Ready for New homes from Mid August 

Piglets £650 each or 2 for £1100

A deposit of £200 per piglet must be made to reserve.

For more information and enquiries please contact Olivia on the email

Girls 2021






Helen and Harriet both love attention and tummy rubs and are very affectionate


£400 Each


2 for £750

Boys 2022

Hans and Solo are lovely boys and both like tummy rubs and enjoy lots of attention 

Castrated Males 

£900 for the Pair  

2 Girls 2 Boys £1200 Buy 4 and get 1 for FREE


Boys 2021


Farm favourites Ron, Ralph and Neville are a fantastic trio, very affectionate boys and a lot of fun. They enjoy tummy rubs and lots of attention a lovely addition to the family!

Castrated Males

£550 Each or £1100 a 3 for 2 Deal!

Boys 2023

Sven and Stitch are our Ex Show pigs they are a great pair and well trained they have attended lots of parties and events and are super friendly and affectionate.

Castrated Males

£1100 For the pair 

Boys 2023


Smudge is also an Ex Show pig and he has enjoyed lots of fun events and parties, he is a very intelligent pig and loves lots of attention. He is a very happy and playful character and enjoys being made a fuss of, a family favourite

Castrated Male


Breeding Stock 

Unique Kew Little Pigs Bloodline

Blanket is a proven Boar and has sired 15 litters. He produces beautiful piglets with the same calm temperament and affectionate nature. He is a handsome boy and has a lovely character and is a great asset to anyone looking to breed Micro pigs

Mia has had 4 litters, she produces very pretty piglets with a variety of colours, she is a great mother and a very pretty and experienced pig 

£1000 Each or £1500 for the pair 


Peanut is a wonderful pig and has been very popular on the farm. She knows her name and will come running when she is called, she also sits for carrots! she is very affectionate and intelligent and loves tummy rubs and attention





We have over 13 years of experience in micro pig breeding, priding ourselves on being one of the UK's leading micro pig breeders. 

Micro Pigs come in all sizes and colours, ranging from ginger, white and black.

Kew Little Pigs is a private family-run farm. All our micro pigs on the farm are loved and cared for by experienced staff and handlers and therefore used to human interaction meaning they have very friendly and social personalities. 

We always recommend buying a pair to ensure they have company! 

Our pigs have been spending their time meeting visitors to our farm, so are very well socialised and friendly.

The prices for our micro pigs reflect the quality we provide, including the peace of mind, knowing your new pet has come from a responsible and fully established breeder. 

🐽 Wormed from 8 weeks old
🐽 All medical records provided
🐽 Birth certificate/s
🐽 Movement records
🐽 Bill of the sale receipt

Estimates for start-up costs and upkeep costs can be sent to you to give you an idea of the additional costs involved with owning a pet miniature pig. We provide a comprehensive guide to pig keeping course which you will need to complete before owning your own pig.

We have lots of supporting documentation we are happy to provide. Please contact

What we ask for:

  • £200 deposit per pig (non-refundable)

  • Evidence of preparation made to accommodate pigs before ownership (Housing, pen, feed, etc)

  • All new owners: Completion of our ComprehensivGuide to Pig Keeping Course if no previous experience of pig keeping.

  • Our policy is we do not sell to people under the age of 21.

We would love to chat with you about your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Please fill out the Application form below:


For more information on any of our offers please contact

Currently 5 star Licence Holders for Selling Animals as Pets
Licence No: LC202208-78262
Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018