Pigs for sale


We have over 8 years experience of miniature pig breeding, priding ourselves on being one of the UKs leading breeders. 

All our pigs on the farm are loved and cared for by experienced staff and handlers. Our farm is a public attraction, so the pigs are used to human interaction and as a result of this, have very friendly and social personalities. They are best sold in pairs or single sex groups. 

We breed responsibly, choosing a suitable sow and boar. The piglets stay with their mother for the first 8-10 weeks of their lives and are then separated into same sex pens. 

You'll find all the information about looking after a micro pig in our 'buying a micro pig section' of the website. All new owners must complete  the 'Comprehensive Guide to Pig keeping Course' with us. 

We will be announcing the date for or 2019 arrivals very soon! These piglets will be available from 10 weeks old. Check for updates on our new deposit scheme starting in January 2019.

Premium piglets -£650 each of two for £1100

We currently have 12 piglets (4 boars and 8 gilts) born towards the end of April 2018. 

Gilts - £500 each

We have a gorgeous selection of black gilts, ranging from 1 - 3 years of age. 

Boars - £ 300 - £500

We have a variety of boars for sale, please contact for more details as some are priced at £300 and two for £500 whereas some start from £500