About Us


My Daughter became fascinated with pigs after watching the film Babe and we would frequently visit farms and animal sanctuaries never imagining we could ever keep our own pet pig. Then one day we discovered micro pigs! Unfortunately after doing some extensive research we found that most micro pig breeders are based in the countryside – far from London. And so in 2010 we decided to start our own micro pig company so others within the London area could share in the fun.

With great excitement I completed my pig handling courses, read books and interviewed the leading breeders and authors in the UK. I approached the Prince’s Trust with my business idea, took part in the enterprise programme to build the business and was awarded the funding to start Kew Little Pigs.

Over several years we have researched the industry and have set up unique services enabling more people to have first-hand experience with micro pigs. We are the only micro pig breeders and company in the UK that focus on our exhibiting our micro pigs and educating people on their intelligence, understanding their needs and owners responsibilities. We understand that not everybody will be able to keep a pet pig which is why we offer numerous other services including private parties, visiting schools, bringing our pigs to events to meet you and also through our interactive website which has photos and videos throughout recent years. 


Having always been an animal lover, I have always wanted to work with them. The opportunity came to work with Kew Little Pigs and I grabbed at it – it is not a normal job and I love it – no day is ever same! Whilthe e working with the company I have gained my Level 3 Business & Administration and, to learn different aspects of the business also my Level 3 in Veterinary care. My main duties are administrative – keeping everything smooth running behind the scenes. You may see me on the farm during your visits as I love to spend time with the animals whenever I can. I also run visits and courses when needed.


I have a background in sales and events within the corporate and hospitality sector and as well as being in the recruitment industry, I worked as a freelance Artist Liaison at large scale events and festivals for over 8 years. I have always had a huge love for animals and it was my dream to one day work with them. Being able to combined my knowledge of the event industry with my love for animals is just incredible and since working with Kew Little Pigs I have learnt all aspects of running a small and successful business and animal welfare. Living locally means I have swapped my early morning commute with a peaceful walk through the countryside. Everyday is different here at the farm and I wouldn't change it for the world!