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Testimonials - Pig Sales – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Some testimonials of clients who bought Micro Pigs from Kew Little Pigs Farm.

Testimonial 1:

"Our darling pigs are such a wonderful addition to our family. They are really cheeky, loving, sociable and are such a joy to have around. They are super easy to look after but just make sure you train them and stick to a schedule so they don't bully you for treats all the time :-)" (Testimonial by R. - January 2023)

Testimonial  2:

VIDEO: Polly and Poppy are doing really well, the white and black spotted onePolly, is very small (though with a healthy body score), so is a stunning little micro pig, Poppy is still small, but just not as small as Polly, so I am really pleased with them both. Both are very friendly and relaxed with my dog and ponies. They are doing really well :-)  (Testimonial by David & Hillary - January 2023)


Testimonial 3:

 “We have had our two mini pigs Lula and Rocco for almost 2 years now, they are a huge part of our family and have earned themselves many nicknames due to their unique personalities and traits. Lula loves a belly rub and is very talkative whilst Rocco is happiest snouting through our shaggy rug. They have a very close bond and will snuggle up snout to snout under their blankets together."  (Testimonial anonymous - January 2023)

Testimonial 4:

"We were hoping to find the perfect friend for our current pig, Smudge, who we bought back in 2016 from Kew Little Pigs. Olivia was so helpful and I received quick responses, helping to find Smudge his perfect match. ! Rosie-May was delivered to us and she is so gentle, inquisitive and loving - just as described to us. She is an amazing pig and is already enjoying her new lift with Smudge. Thank you to Olivia & the rest of the Team at Kew Little Pigs !