School Visits

Are you a school, children’s club or social activity group looking to host an educational event with a difference?

Our visits offer the chance to get an insight into the fascinating behavioral characteristics of miniature pigs.

The Kew Little Pigs experience has been adapted to provide opportunities for Foundation, Infant and Junior (Primary) school children, with links across the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Curriculum. Although at present Kew Little Pigs education shows are targeted at Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 & 2, our services can be adapted to provide educational experiences for Key Stage 3 and above.

For a limited time limited time we are offering schools and educational groups the following  special offer: Three pigs for the price of two ( £75 saving)  as well as a free KLP book with every booking.

The Classroom Visit- £240
(Can be split into 2 half hour visits to two classes) 

1. Olivia will introduce herself and the miniature pigs.
2. Learning about pig’s needs and how to care for them (Types of food, shelter, straw etc).
3. Fun overview of pig’s anatomy including body parts and names.
4. Children get into the pig pen to brush, groom, feed and interact with the pigs.
5. Question and petting time with the miniature pigs

The Assembly Visit - with power point presentation - £360

(30-minute assembly visit followed by 2 x 30-minute class visits)

1. Introduction. Olivia will introduce herself and the miniature pigs.
2. Explain what a miniature pig is, why they are so small and the different types of pigs we have here in the U.K.
3. Learning about pig’s needs. how to care for them (types of food, shelter, straw etc). 
4. Fun overview of a pig’s anatomy including body parts, names. 
5. A talk on 'rare' traditional breeds and where they are situated in the U.K.
6. A talk on pigs as pets.
7. Q&A time for children.
8. Children can take part in creative discussions such as name a piglet, design a pig (showing what it will look like) and pig poetry.

We will include a power point slide show and/or boards with photos for discussions.

Your school or group can also book to visit our pigs at the farm in Amersham, observing them in their environment as well as entering pens and playing/ petting. It’s a fantastic one hour and 15 minutes experience where the children become pig keepers, helping with chores at the farm.  From topping up beds, feeding the pigs and mucking out. Price for this is £12 per child (normal price £24.00)

Adult, Teachers, Parent or helpers are free but we suggest 1 adult per 4-5 children for supervision.

All children receive a certificate for their participation in this activity which is suitable for children from 4 to 16 years old. (most suitable for guides and groups to help attain badges)

If you’d like to request further information or our prices. Please contact our office


Exclusive offer to schools, clubs and societies with land: