Visits for Special Needs Groups

We are thrilled to see that you are considering a visit from us at Kew Little Pigs, we have over 10 years experience in visiting people's homes and parties. Our staff members have varied backgrounds ranging from animal and veterinary care, through to music and event management, therefore our knowledge and experience in arranging in experiences are second to none.

After doing plenty of research and working with many different groups and practitioners over the years, we have found that our pigs really do provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere for those with disabilities or sensory disorders.

Kew Little Pigs can provide that calm and safe space for service users to enjoy animal interaction and can really have an effect on their emotional wellbeing.

Depending on your service users needs, we can tailor the visit to suit everyones needs - including providing the farm and our animals exclusively for the groups visit, which is perfect for those that do not like crowds and busy places. 

Many of our guests take up the option of doing the 'Piggy Pet & Play' visit which is 90 minutes long, while others want to get in on the action and book pig keeping courses that run for 2 hours and gives our guests a real sense of achievement! 

Kew Little Pigs is a small, private run farm. It is a vast green field that can get very muddy.

We do not have an accessible friendly toilet nor changing facilities which is something we are looking to build in the future.

We understand that disabilities come in all shapes & forms and want to be able to provide the best service we can for your needs.

We can make amendments such as ensuring that it is a male / female staff member doing the tour, provide block bookings so that it is a private hire for you. The more information provided the better we can advise.

Whatever service you are interested in booking for your group, please contact us, as we can offer discounted rates for larger groups and can provide more information for service providers or carers. 

 Please contact us to discuss a visit and user needs in more detail 

Testimony from Action For Children, December 2020:
"We had a fantastic day at Kew Little Pigs. They have a wide range of pigs who all have different personalities. It was terrific to be so close to all the animals.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They took time to explain to a wide range of children and answer all the questions they had about the animals they saw. We look forward to visiting again" 

Testimony from Action For Children, July 2021:

"Thank you so much for yesterday. Your staff were really friendly and helpful the who afternoon, making the kids feel welcome. The young people who visited you yesterday really enjoyed the experience and your staff made the day even more special by letting them stroke the chicken and feeding the pigs."