We offer holiday relief  for your miniature/micro pigs at Kew Little Pigs. 

  • Fees are £25 per day per pig. (Includes: water, hay/straw, pen/housing and general care of your miniature pig) 
  • Food can be provided at £15 per 20kg per bag
  • A deposit of £100 must be paid before the arrival of your miniature pigs, and the remainder of the amount must be paid before or upon arrival. The deposit is non-refundable
  • The minimum stay for your miniature pig is 20 days, this is due to the 20 day standstill that all farmers have to abide by. The maximum stay is 90 days
  • Before an agreement is made, we will need to see your CPH number, proof of address and all up to date medical records and movement records
  • We can transport miniature pigs to and from their home at an extra fee. Owners can transport their miniature pigs on their own.
  • If at any time during its stay, your miniature pig requires medical attention we will ensure that it receives this straight away. You will be notified immediately and will be responsible for payment of this. 
  • Your miniature pig must be insured before arriving at the farm, we can offer one month's free pet insurance. 
  • You will need to complete a consent form to allow us to call a vet if required.

Please email info@kewlittlepigs.com for more information on holiday relief for your miniature piggy and to check availability.