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The KLP Miniature pig experience

Kew Little Pigs is an award-nominated miniature pig business with over a decade of experience. We offer unique miniature pig experiences at our beautiful micro pig farm in Amersham. 

Hire one of our miniature pigs for parties, events, corporate, film or TV campaigns. We have attended parties and events at nursing and care homes, birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, children's birthday parties, in schools and at corporate events. 

Our Micro pigs have been in countless film, Tv and Media campaigns including; Save the Children, Games of Thrones, the Royal Mint Coin, Hendricks Gin, Tatler, Gluck Gaming, Moonpig, Bearded Kitten, Good Morning Britain and as the cover pigs on the upcoming band Shames 2017 EP ( to name a few) 

Kew Little Pigs are also dedicated and trusted miniature pig breeders, selling a variety of micro pigs both in the UK and internationally. 


Due to the effects of Covid-19 our once thriving business is becoming a great concern for us. 
The majority of our income comes from our visitors, bookings and private events. 
Closing our doors to the public over 3 weeks ago has left us in a  very worrying financial situation,  especially as we are in limbo with over 50 pigs and piglets to care for.
The upkeep of our pigs costs us in excess of £1000 every month, this coupled with our monthly business outgoings has left us uncertain about the future of our beloved Kew Little Pigs.
We are now getting to a stage where we need to reach out and ask for some support. 


Miniature Pigs for sale

Kew Little Pigs are one of the Uk's largest and most trusted miniature pig breeders. We have a selcetion of pigs for sale including two new litters of piglets born in April 2020

Pigs for sale