Corona Virus Pandemic: FARM CLOSURE 

During this time we have started a waiting list for those that have emailed us regarding:

An existing booking during lockdown period.

A booking that you wanted to postpone due to Covid 19.

A voucher that needed redeeming.

If you have been in contact we have done the following:

Taken your booking information, contact details & added you to the wait list.

What happens now?

We will be opening the farm TBC.

In line with government advice we shall be reducing visitors per hour whilst remaining a high level of hygiene measurements.

We are also extending our opening & closing times to:

Tuesday - Sunday: 9am until 4pm.

However bookings will be made in staggered stages as this is a manual process.

All EDUCATIONAL experiences will take place at 9am - 12pm.

Pig Enthusiast

Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping

Husbandry Course

Breeding Course

All ENTERTAINMENT experiences will take place at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. These include:

Piggy Pet & Play

One Hour Visit

Children's Mini Pig Keeping

Spa Bookings will be delayed until later in the year when the Spa is able to reopen at the Crowne Plaza.

Piglet Spa

Pampered Pigs

Take off your Muddy Boots

Pigs in Blanket

Muddy Pigs

All bookings will start on the hour.

How do I rebook?

We shall be staggering bookings.

We will be in touch with those who's request came in the earliest AND in line with their originally booking date. You will be invited in via a NEW email address so please check your junk mail. 

What do I do once you have emailed me?

When we get in touch the email and will list dates & times available for your booking.

If you have a date & time in mind please state this in your response.

We have alot of people to book in during this time with limited staff so please bare with us during this time as we don't want to become inundated with emails.

Can I call to make a booking?

Our office has no admin staff during this time and the phone is unmanned. Please email with any queries you may have and give us 7 days to respond to your request.

What if I can't make my booking?

You may pass this onto a friend/ family member. Just let us know the name change so we can amend your booking. We can only amend your rebooking once so please ensure that you can attend that day. We are unable to offer refunds at this time. 

If the dates provided do not suit we shall be in touch again with new dates soon.

We shall then issue you a new booking confirmation with updated provisions and requirements in place for your visit that must be adhered to.

What if my experience was booked for June / July?

We are working hard to ensure that as many bookings can remain in place BUT please presume that this is postponed until we are able to provide you with a new booking confirmation confirming that this is still going ahead due to our new booking slots & reduced numbers per hour. We may be able to honor your booking date but may have to move the time. Please be patient with us whilst we work through all the bookings.

Will my experience be different?

We will make your experience to the farm a PIGTASTIC day to remember. As a team of 6 we are working around the clock to ensure that each of our visitors has a memorable time. We always start the tour with a health & safety talk, hand washing and footwear sanitising. Reducing visitors per hour will allow for more one to one time with the pigs. Our staff have been working hard looking after the pigs and piglets and we hope we can welcome you all back to the farm soon. Please read visit information below with the provisions in place for your visit.




As reputable breeders we do everything we can to protect the safety of our visitors and adhere to all environmental health and safety guidelines. 
This information has been gathered from the code of practise which can be found here.
We conduct extensive risk assessments on all aspects of our farm to ensure the safety of all of our visitors, staff and animals. 
If you are pregnant we suggest getting advice from your midwife before coming to the farm. People with low immunity and very young and elderly generations should also limit touching the animals and thoroughly wash your hands and feet. 
This information is a precaution only

All visitors must use the foot sanitising mats when entering the farm, located at the car park and by the farm office gate. They must also sanitise/wash hands on arrival and before leaving. They must also use warm water and wash their hands in the facilities which are around the farm and in the toilets.