Welcome to Kew Little Pigs!


Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or any other contagious illness including a raised temperature or cough MUST NOT visit the farm and should follow government guidelines on isolating. If you have had sickness, diarrhea or the flu 48 hours prior to your visit, you should not visit our farm as you could pass this on to our pigs, staff and other visitors which could cause implications to our business and animals' health. Pigs are zoonotic and can get illnesses from us and can pass illnesses to humans.



 We have portable sinks located around the farm to ensure regular hand washing. Robust and easy to clean, the KiddiSynk has been especially designed with smaller hands in mind – and it’s so easy to use! 

As reputable breeders we do everything we can to protect the safety of our visitors and adhere to all environmental health and safety guidelines. 
This information has been gathered from the code of practice which can be found here.
We conduct extensive risk assessments on all aspects of our farm to ensure the safety of all of our visitors, staff and animals. 
If you are pregnant we suggest getting advice from your midwife before coming to the farm. People with low immunity and very young and elderly generations should also limit touching the animals and thoroughly wash your hands and feet. 
As we are a working farm we advise all members of the public to wear wellies when visiting, or at least old shoes, as the farm can be muddy at time. Open toed shoes and shoes with spikes are strictly prohibited. 
This information is a precaution only

All visitors must use the foot sanitising dips when entering the farm, located at the car park and by the farm office gate. They must also sanitise/wash hands on arrival and before leaving. They must also use warm water and wash and sanitize their hands in the facilities which are around the farm and in the toilets.