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Red Deer Stag Soft Toy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Red Deer Stag Soft Toy

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An unmistakable icon of the Scottish highlands, the Red Deer Stag has impressive branched antlers and dark russet-brown fur. Crafted with realism in mind, our Red Deer Stag soft toy has wonderful life-like features - a thoughtful woodland toy for anyone who loves these majestic animals.

The most characteristic feature of the Red Stag is their impressive antlers. These can measure up to 1 metre and weigh as much as 15kg. They shed their antlers once a year, meaning they’ll fall off and new ones will grow back. Their new antlers are covered in soft, furry skin called velvet, which is rubbed off when the growth is complete. The antlers usually grow back the same size and shape. Stags with the biggest antlers are in luck because they’re the ones that the females find attractive. To compete for females, stags will roar, walk parallel to each other, and fight.  

Fast Fact 

The Red Deer Stag is Scotland’s largest deer. 



Believe it or not... 

Red Deer Stag make lots of noises like roaring, barking and even mooing.