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Goat Soft Toy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Goat Soft Toy

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Made from high-quality materials, this super cuddly brown Billy goat has the softest coat for petting.

Realistically detailed with brown and white markings, adorable hooves, curly pointed horns, and a fuzzy beard, this goat soft toy is a wonderful addition to any farmyard soft toy collection.

Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated, which means they can be kept as a pet or on a farm. Wild goats can live in many different areas like forests and mountains, and are known to climb the face of cliffs thanks to their great balance and agility. Male goats are called ‘billies’, females are called ‘nannies’ and young goats are called ‘kids’. Every goat no matter their gender grows a ‘goatee’ style beard.  

Fast Fact 

They’re very intelligent and can be trained just like dogs, learning their name and even tricks.  


From farm to green pasture. 

Believe it or not... 

They communicate with one another by bleating.