Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course

This course is for anyone seriously interested in keeping a pet pig or just love pigs!

About this experience

On arrival you will get a 15-minute introduction by a member of staff who will introduce themselves and all the pigs by name, also giving a small talk about them.

The next hour will cover Pig Husbandry on the farm – The way you care for your pigs, establishing a routine, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
The following will be in the classroom

Legal Requirements for Pig Keeping – All you need to know about the law, DEFRA, animal health and trading standards
Owners Responsibilities – Care and commitment to your pigs
Pigs Needs – Including equipment, food and shelter
Health and Safety – Disease and vaccinations
Behaviour Training – Pig handling and training
The remainder of the time can be spent with our miniature pigs, getting to know their personalities and having fun with them!

Give them a good groom – they’ll be your piggy friends for life! Selfie seekers are always welcome as our pigs love the spotlight and can strike a pose!

Our miniature pigs come in all shapes and sizes each with a unique personality which will add to your experience!

Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate. We will also send you all relevant animal health and DEFRA publications, to keep on file, with a Kew Little Pigs check list and owner’s guide to pig keeping.

On a visit please ensure that you dress accordingly, especially in the winter months, please wear wellies and old clothes.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your visit to park, walk up to the tables in the field and check in with a member of staff where visitors need to use hand gels and have a safety talk (visible from the car park.) Please have your order number from your booking confirmation ready.