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What it's like to own pet miniature pigs... – Kew Little Pigs Farm

What it's like to own pet miniature pigs...

Lovely testimony from Rochelle:
"Having two piggies living with us is like a dream come true as I can't have dogs or cats due to allergies. They are very intelligent (housetrained in 24 hours!), funny and affectionate and have formed a close bond with all of us in just over a month. They love nothing more than snuggling up together on our laps and will nudge you with their little snouts when they want a cuddle or a belly rub. Some people think they might be smelly animals but they actually have a lovely sweet maple syrup smell about them. We are totally besotted with them and would recommend a  miniature pig as a pet to anyone. You will not be disappointed!! Best thing we ever did! Buying from Kew Little Pigs gave us peace of mind as we could see the parents and gage how big our pigs were likely to grow and we were kept well informed about everything we needed to know prior to collecting them."


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