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We're in the Sussex Express! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

We're in the Sussex Express!

Pip the friendly cat is a real star at Hale Farm in Lewes, Sussex, and loves mingling with visitors to the popular camping, glamping and guest house site.

But as the nights drew in and the summer holiday rush was over, the cute feline was starting to feel a bit lonely, and farm owner Ruth Rance, 46 came up with a bright idea to help put a spring back in her step.

Last month Ruth, husband Scott, 45 and son Jack, 10 brought home Fern and Lilly, a couple of adorable miniature pigs, who are the perfect friends for Pip, aged three now that life is a little quieter.

Ruth said: "Pip absolutely loves all the attention that she gets during the peak holiday season, and our visitors love to pet her and spend time with all the farm animals. But now that things have got a little quiet she does get a bit sad, so we thought this was the perfect time to introduce some new friends."

It's a great time for Fern and Lilly to join the farm too, and they have the winter months to settle in before meeting an onslaught of new visitors in the spring and summer.

Ruth added: "They are so sweet and affectionate, and are settling in really well, getting on with Pip like a house on fire. We sadly lost our pet sow Pauline and took a little while to feel that the time is right to get more pigs, but we are so glad to have Fern and Lilly and can't wait for them to meet visitors next holiday season.

"We also thought Lily and Fern would be a fantastic addition for the students at the farm school, which will be launched at Hale Farm in January 2024 as they have been so well handled."

Fern and Lilly are no strangers to living life in the public eye, having spent their piglet months at Kew Little Pigs, which is an open farm experience as well as an ethical breeder of miniature pigs.

Olivia Mikhail, owner of Kew Little Pigs, which is based in Old Amersham, Bucks, said: "We are so happy that Lilly and Fern have such a happy new home. Because they have grown up at Kew Little Pigs they are very sociable, so are in the perfect place, meeting holidaymakers at Hale Farm.

"Pigs are seen as unusual pets, but they really are as affectionate and easy to train as a dog, and cheaper to keep. We can't wait to hear updates from Hale Farm about Lilly and Fern's antics."

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