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We held a General Election for the pigs, but who is the new Pig Minist – Kew Little Pigs Farm

We held a General Election for the pigs, but who is the new Pig Minister?!

This week we held a special general election for the farm's pampered residents, with three candidates vying to be new Pig Minister. 

Angel, Venus and Pluto all launched their manifestos before we held a vote among the farm's residents to decide the outcome. 

Angel set out her red party manifesto, which includes more cuddles and brushes, while Venus, who represents the blue party says she will make sure that pigs at the farm receive more snacks if she is elected. 

And the only male candidate Pluto is true to his name, representing the yellow party, the piggy politician advocates for more space travel, pigs really might fly it seems. 

Our three candidates really are stars of the farm, so it was a close call when the voting started. 

You can view the video here:

It's election week for real so we wanted our residents to get in on the action, and everybody has had fun taking part.

After the pigs launched their manifestos on Tuesday their potential constituents set about placing their votes in the ballot box of their chosen party. And after the election results had been counted the red party's Angel was declared the victor. 

Angel's red party ballot box did attract quite a few of the young piglets, so she is clearly a hit with the kids, she is a perfect Pig Minster and we are so proud of her, she will do an amazing job.

Kew Little Pigs is an award-winning farm attraction and the UK's leading breeder of miniature pigs who go on to live as pets in people's homes. 

On July 28 and August 25 the farm will hold special fun days to thank visitors for all their support during the pandemic and the farm's subsequent recovery. 

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