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UPDATE: FREIDA – Kew Little Pigs Farm




Our gorgeous sow Freida who we assumed was to give birth last week, has been somewhat of an enigma here at the farm, especially as we always get our due dates exact.
After monitoring her closely, we now suspect Freida has either had a phantom pregnancy or 'reabsorbed' the litter, which is common. Unlike Peanut and Simone, Freida is not showing the typical signs of a pig about to farrow.
 A pigs gestation is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days exactly, or 114 days from conception to farrowing (birthing), and this is quite precise. 
Over the last 3 months, Freida has been fed high protein sow breeder feed. As a result of this, she has gained ample weight, that we will now have to help her lose! Freida has left her breeding pen and has re-joined the herd where will continue to monitor her daily. Despite a hefty weight gain from the protein-rich feed, Freida is doing well and has no concerning health issues. 
The good news is that Simone is showing all the signs of an 'In pig gilt', she'll be due to farrow very soon. Peanut is also starting to show typical signs too, and as this is her second litter she is referred to as an 'In pig sow'. Simone is experiencing all the signs of farrowing ( listed below) her piglets will be here very soon! She is doing well, is very relaxed and happy in herself!
PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow for piglets to be touched for at least 3 days after birth. Mothers need to care for their litters and the piglets must receive the vital colostrum from the milk to ensure they grow fit and strong. You will be able to pet the piglets once the mother has spent the first few days caring for her litter. The piglets will then be able to be visited and petted, and will remain with their mother for up to 8 weeks. Piglets cannot be picked up and we do not tolerate anyone trying to do so as it just distresses the animal.
Thank you