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The Year Of The Pig 2019 – Kew Little Pigs Farm

The Year Of The Pig 2019

As we are swiftly moving through the Chinese New Year, which happens to be Year Of the Pig, we have been very busy with bookings and outings! 

The Year Of The Pig is especially important to us here at Kew Little Pigs, as we believe in all things piggy! 

We have recently been a part of a photoshoot for the Royal Mint Lunar Coin Collection, this gave our show girl Rosie May a chance to show everyone just how beautiful she is - she's also quite the poser as you can see!!!

This was an amazing opportunity to make new partnerships, and show off our piggies to the outside world! 

We have also had Lindex Fashion Brand visit our farm, which was a great day out! Mum's and their children came to a private opening of our farm to meet, greet and cuddle our piggies. They had a great time, and our piggies are still recovering from putting on their best clothes to try and 'out fashion' them! 


As we move further through the Year Of The Pig, we are open for bookings and corporate events, as well as PR media and TV bookings! Please get in contact with us via to bring a real life miniature pig to your piggy new year event!