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The Pig Wash! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

The Pig Wash!

Hi Piggy fans, we have had a very exciting day today! 
As the weather gets warmer, and our pigs start to wallow to keep themselves cool, they also find themselves getting rather dirty! This means that our piggies need washing, with shampoo!
Luckily for our pigs, we have had some wonderful Pig Enthusiasts with us tpday who got to help our farm girls with the shampoo! They love a wash, and especially when the soap has to be massaged into their lovely hair!
The boys in pen ten had a lovely time, being washed and then having the soap massaged into them, they've come out very clean! 
In light of our Ginger Gilts leaving us tomorrow morning to go to their forever homes, we have also given these girls a wash so they are all ready to go! 
They are all now sparkling clean and ready to go to their forever homes, we're so happy someone has taken them into their lives and will look after them like we do! 
Washing and looking after our pigs is something we take very seriously at Kew Little Pigs, making sure that they are very very clean, even if they roll in the mud straight after!!!