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Showbiz sow Mia needs a new home! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Showbiz sow Mia needs a new home!

A friendly sow who starred in a gin commercial as well as rearing four litters of piglets is looking forward to a happy retirement in a brand-new home. 
Mia, who lives here at Kew Little Pigs is a real star of the farm, and as well as her showbiz work, she has delighted visitors with her friendly and cuddly nature. 
But now it is time for Mia to retire from active duty, and we are hoping to sell her to a family or small farm where she can enjoy some peaceful and happy twilight years away from the spotlight. 
We are going to be so sad to see Mia go, but as a breeding farm is it essential that we turn over stock, to keep all our pigs and piglets happy and healthy. 
Mia has been such a wonderful mother and has even enjoyed a bit of the showbiz life, taking part in filming and photoshoots, so it will be lovely for her to enjoy her retirement away from public life.
This very special pig needs to find a home where she has plenty of one on one attention, and she is young enough that she could still reer litters of piglets if the new owner wanted to start their own ethical breeding programme. 
But most of all, we are keen for Mia to have plenty of attention from her new owner, enjoying the life of a pampered pig wherever she goes. 
To find out more about buying Mia email