Rosie-May's Piglets farrowed 10th April 2020

On Good Friday, April 10th 2020, our darling ex-showpig Rosie-May, farrowed her first litter of 5 piglets. 

Despite the heat, Rosie-May's labour was quick and stress free, and the new mum produced lots of milk. 

Kew Little Pigs owner, Oliva was there on hand to make sure Rosie was comfortable. 

One of her piglet's a little girl sadly didn't amke it, despite best efforts and her brother who was a little runt is liviving with farm manager Jen who has given him round the clock care to keep him alive. 

We are thrilled to say that Tiny Tim, ( who ws named in our Facebook competiton) is now thriving and Tiny Tim is feeding well on complex care and gaots milk and is even enjoying banana porriage! Jen has been the best surrogate mummy!

Rosie-may is doing well as are the rsest of her piglets! 


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