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Piglet deposit scheme 2020 – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Piglet deposit scheme 2020

We are happy to announce we have 3 sows in pig and are due to farrow their litter's any day now. 

  • FREIDA  - Sow with a previous litter farrowed in December 2019
  • SIMONE - 'In Pig Gilt' First litter on the way! 
  • PEANUT -Sow with a previous litter farrowed in September 2019 


Our piglets will be priced at £650 each or two for £1100, and we have a deposit scheme in place. By putting down a £200 deposit you can secure one or more of our wonderful piglets.

Please request more information on our current piglets for sale page of our website. 

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE

If you haven't kept a pig before, we advise you to take part on our
If you'd like to request a deposit form from us, please email we can also provide pictures of previous litters.