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Piggy Piper and her new family... – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Piggy Piper and her new family...

We love hearing from our customers updating us on how their new piglet is settling in!
Piggy Piper joined her new family earlier this year and even though she left her piggy friends behind on the KLP farm, she is now part of the chicken squad and is loving every minute.

It was great to hear from her new owner: 

Piggy piper loves hanging out with her hen friends. She loves foraging games, we hide food and leaves in her tyre for her to find. She also loves her pellet dispenser, this keeps her busy the longest. She likes to pop into the house to see the dogs and more importantly, see if there is any food under the table! All the family love to watch the Kew Little Pigs farm videos, to see how all the lovely Kew pigs are doing down at the farm.”

We are so pleased that Piggy Piper has made friends and is enjoying her new home. Thank you to her new family for giving her a lovely life!