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New Piglets for 2020! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

New Piglets for 2020!

Kew Little pig doesn't do things by halves, So what better way to welcome in a new decade and our 10 years in business with a beautiful new litter of miniature piglets!

Freida, one of KLP ex-showgirls, birthed her first litter on 27th December 2019, welcoming 3 boys and 3 girls! The brood are already finding their feet and look forward to welcoming guests! 

Thriving Freida has taken well to motherhood, nurturing and protecting her babies. We've been blessed with a mild winter, however we always ensure that Freida and her new babies are shielded from the elements. Our experienced farm staff were their during birth and have worked round the clock to make sure the litter made it through the early days. 

We have to say her litter is absolutely beautiful. The piglets are easily identified as they all have unique markings and colouring. 

If you'd like to meet them, visit our website to book a suitable experience. 

f you're already in love and dream of having one of your own, we are delighted to announce that the new piglets will be looking for their forever home in just 6 weeks. We've already had a lot of interest with a few of them being chosen already! 

If you have any further question please email 


Miniature Pigs for sale 2020 

Kew Little pigs have been active since 2010, working hard from the ground up to create the successful business we are today. We are recognised as one of the Uk's leading miniature pig breeders and put animal welfare at the heart of everything we do. We choose our bloodline carefully enabling new customers to trace back their miniature pig's family tree. 

New owners are required to sit our Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course to ensure that they follow the correct codes if practice before purchasing their  miniature pig.  We are offering 50% off the course providing the offer is bought in January it can be redeemed against any month in 2020.