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Names revealed for Freya's beautiful piglets! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Names revealed for Freya's beautiful piglets!

This week we revealed the results of our naming competition for Freya's adorable piglets. 
Clever winner Becca Ainsworth suggested Old Norse names, which were picked out of the hat by Kelly in an online video with the little pigs and Freya by her side. 
While the spotty piglet on the far left will remain at the farm and has been named Popcorn by staff, the other five in keeping with the theme are called: 
Bodil: Which means Remedy 
Meya: Which means Beloved 
Astrid: Which means Beautiful 
Helga: Which means Sacred 
Olia: Which means Blessed
To celebrate the arrival of these beautiful piglets we are offering visitors 20% off their next Pet and Play session! Simply type in pigsdiscount24 at the online checkout when you book!