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Kew Little Pigs Newsletter update 18th April – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Kew Little Pigs Newsletter update 18th April

Kew Little Pigs is closed until further notice.

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Congratulations to Rowan on Rosie May's prediction & Carl for his Jill piglet prediction!

You will each receive a Bronze Level of Adoption! This includes  One hour visit with a friend OR Family member to the farm to visit our lovely pig mums! AND Quarterly news updates on the farm & your adopted pig.


Our fantastic farm manager Jen  anre her flatmate are currently nursing one of Rosie-May's piglets as he wasn't doing too well. This little man needed a name, so we lauched a competition on Facebook and had some fantastic entries, such as Boris, Adonis and Nightingale, but one name kept being repeated. We would like to present to you Tiny Tim! He is a cheeky little one, who is thriving and currently keeping Jen up all hours in the night and wanting to play! We're hoping he can rejoin his mother and siblings in a few weeks when he is feeling stronger. 

If you have any questions you'd like to ask, email Olivia, our Founder & Managing Director email us at & we shall do our best to answer them LIVE on SATURDAY!

The Facebook Live Event Saturday 18th April - 11am - 12pm:

Meet Jill's piglets!
How are Rosie-May's Piglets doing? 
Will Mia play up to the cameras hogging the limelight?
Will cheeky Rodney the goat butt his head for attention?
How big will Daisy's piglets be?

Spend another hour with the Kew Little Pigs farm as we take you on a magical journey with our gorgeous piglets!

This is one pig perfect moment not to miss out on. Register your interest on Facebook to get notifications here!

Due to the effects of Covid-19 our once thriving business is becoming a great concern for us.

The majority of our income comes from our visitors, bookings and private events.

Closing our doors to the public over 3 weeks ago has left us in a very worrying financial situation, especially as we are in limbo with over 50 pigs and piglets to care for plus other animals on the farm.

Trying to remain as humble as possible in these times of hardship, we switched our attention to upselling our merchandise, designing activity packs and reducing our adoptions by 50% .

Sadly we do not have any more resources and with the births of our planned spring litters, we have growing concern for our beloved animals.

The feed bill for our pigs costs us in excess of £1000 every month, this coupled with our monthly business outgoings has left us uncertain about the
future of our beloved Kew Little Pigs.

We are now getting to a stage where we need to reach out and ask for some support.

We know we have many loving and loyal supporters who have been so amazing to us in recents weeks. They have purchased adoptions and merchandise - which at the moment is what is feeding our animals.
We cant thank you enough.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those that have already donated - it means the world to us!  You have helped us reach our £1000 target - we cannot believe it! We will be keeping the page open, as we do not know how long this lockdown will go on for, so every penny is helping us care for our beloved animals. Since giving birth Jill has also been unwell, so we have had to call the vet out and provide critical care for 2 of her piglets, we're pleased to say they are all doing a lot better, but this is a cost we were not expecting.

If you are able to help, the pigs would be forever greatful.

Thank you all for all your comments and messages we recieve daily, they have really helped us through these difficult times.



Kew Little Pigs would like to send our gratitude and thanks to our incredible health service. 

You deserve praise and recognition for the selfless hard work you provide our country each and every day. We'd like to offer all NHS workers and their friends and family 50% off our most popular Piggy experience, piggy pet and play. 

Proof of NHS ID will need to be provided when coming to the farm    

You can buy this as a gift for a member of the NHS as a thank you, however on the day of the event they must bring a valid NHS ID . Failure to do so means the event can be forfeited.  

NHS offer

All adoptions are sent out via email, making the perfect gift. These would make fantastic birthday presents for all the family. Remember there's no limit on how many pigs you can adopt.

Help support our small farm business by purchasing a great value Adoption that includes a downloadable and printable Adoption Activity Pack that you will be emailed and be apart of the Kew Little Pigs family and know that you personally helped support your chosen pig during this time. All adoptions are online and will be emailed direct to you or the person intended for. (Please leave us name and email on the checkout so that it can go to the right person)

Thankyou to all the adoptions from the past week:

Mia  -  Ally
Milo   - Kirsty
Patrick  -  Evie
Daisy  -  Cynthia
Mia  -  Imogen
Peanut  -  Kim
Peanut  -  Caroline
Mia  -  Pete
Jill  -  Tom
Gizmo  -  Amber
Daisy  -  Josh
Scarlett  -  Parkinson family
Patrick  -  Parkinson family 
Mia  -  Chris/ Mia

Your Adoption will include: 

An online adoption certificate

Bronze - One hour visit for you and a friend/ family member.

Silver - 2 x 1 hour visit for you & a friend

Gold  - 3 x 1 hour visit for you & a friend

Platinum - 4 x 1 hour visit for you & a friend PLUS a KLP T Shirt.

An online downloadable activity pack WITH competitions (16 pages of activities!)

Exclusive competitions that if won can upgrade your adoption package to platinum (this is 4 x one hour visits for you & a friend/ family member!)

Design a pig and pig poetry  competitions.

Quarterly updates on your pig and the farm

Be apart of the Kew Little Pigs family

A personal thankyou message from our Managing Director.

If you want a pig who is elegant, calm and cheerful then...


Scarlett is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is wise, confident and burly then...


Patrick is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is shy, charming and gentle then...


Milo is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is affectionate, handsome and goofy then...


Gizmo is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

If you want a pig who is beautiful, intelligent and gentle then...


Jill is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

If you want a pig who is cute, maternal and curious then...

Daisy is the pig for you!

Adopt Now

If you want a pig who is a little shy, very gentle and loving then...


Freida is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

If you want a pig who is one of a kind! Funny and clumsy then...

Rosie May is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is cool, delightful and quiet then...


Blanket is the pig for you !

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 If you want a pig who is pretty, gentle and calm then...


Betsy is the pig for you !

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If you want a pig who is lovable, sensitive and happy then...


Squeaks is the pig for you !

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 If you want a pig who is easy going, happy & relaxed then...


Nina is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is strong, athletic and determined then...


Peanut is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 If you want a pig who is a bit of a diva, loves to be the centre of attention and is incredibly cheeky then...


Mia is the pig for you !

Adopt Now

 This week's pig of the week has been Gizmo!

He is a very handsome boy who also celebrated his 8th birthday on 14th April !

                                Click here to Adopt Gizmo

From next Monday 20th April, Peanut is Pig of the Week. Stay tuned on social media to see what she's been up to! 

                                Click here to adopt Peanut! 



With exclusive competition in the Activity Pack which is downloadable & printable AND with exclusive competition for Design a Pig & Pig Poetry, the prize is a gorgeous luxury pig hamper full of goodies!

Piglet Activity Pack 1 NOW ONLY £14.99....WAS £17.99 RRP £20 

This is great for 2 children; it includes 2 posters of our pigs, 2 piglet toys, Kew Little Pigs stickers & the exclusive 16 page activity pack with competitions. (Which will shall email across digitally so that you have access to straight away!)

Piglet Activity Pack 1

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Big Pig's Activity Pack 2 NOW ONLY £20.99.... WAS £22.99 RRP £29

Big Pig's Activity Pack is great for slightly older children and is ideal for one child; it includes 1 poster of our pigs, 1 pig toy, Kew Little Pig Can Fly Book, Kew Little Pigs stickers & the 16 page activity pack with competitions. (Which will shall email across digitally so that you have access to straight away!)

Big Pig's Acitivity Pack 2

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Ultimate Pig's Activity 3 Pack NOW ONLY £65 RRP £95

The Ultimate Pig Activity Pack is great for all pig fans! It includes 1 poster of our pigs, 1 pig toy, Pigs of the Paradise Book, 1 x Hour visit for you and a friend/ family member, Kew Little Pigs T shirt, Kew Little Pigs stickers & the exclusive 16 page activity pack with competitions. (Which will shall email across digitally so that you have access to straight away!)

Ultimate Pig Acitivity Pack 3

Click here to buy!

Submit entries of Design a Pig Competition & Pig Poetry to

Prize is a Luxury Pig Hamper for each of the winners!

Our shop remains open during this time where you can purchase a range of piggie items.

We also have online gift cards that can be bought & used straight away or purchased in advance for a future gift ! 

These can be used to purchase any experience, adoption or merchandise and money can be added to them if the value of the product/ or service is greater.

Why say it with flowers when you can say it with pigs? These will be distributed electronically.

Kew Little Pigs Gift Card

 Click to purchase an online gift card.

Our very own book; Kew Little Pig Can Fly, is now available on Amazon Kindle to buy! This is written and illustrated by our Founder Olivia and her Sister in Law; Joanna. This book is great for bedtime reading and you can have your very own Kew Little Pig Adventure from your very own home !  

Click to purchase Kew Little Pig Can Fly Book from Amazon

Kew Little Pig Can Fly Book



Thinking of owning a pig? Watch this video of Olivia when she first started out  Kew Little Pigs and the essential basics you will need in place to get started.


If there are pigs you're interested in, please get in touch. Use the title: PIG SALE

So that we can send you the deposit form to secure your new family member today!

During this time, we are also offering a FREE Online / Conference Call Course for the  Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course for anyone that places a deposit on a pig/piglet.  (RRP£72)

The Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping is half price in the website and once we reopen this will include spending time  with our Managing Director & Founder, Olivia or with our Farm Manager Jen. Both with many years experience in pigs & animal care, they will spend time with you going through husbandry and the legal side of keeping a miniature pig. Answering all questions you may have and get you best equipped with knowledge and contacts on setting up your household ready for your miniature pig!

Thinking of bringing the kids along? No problem. We are happy to have children to come and sit in on this session which will finish up on the farm with our pigs so you can get a real first hand experience on what it is like to own a miniature pig.



Piglets For Sale

Kew Little Pigs have beautiful piglets that have already sparked a lot of interest from potential buyers.


Freida's Litter - 27th December 2019

Our beautiful sow Freida farrowed her 6 piglets in December 2019 and we are excited to say we only have 1 male remaining!

All piglets are £650. 




We are also taking deposits for Rosie-May and Jill's piglets  

Please get in touch so we may send across the piglet deposit form.

Using the heading: PIG SALE to


Jill is an experienced Mum - she has had 4 litters of before and this time she farrowed 11 on 17th April.
6 piglets are remaining on the deposit scheme, but be quick, as they are proving to be very popular! 


Our wonderful sow Rosie-may has given birth to her first litter of piglets! We have 1 Female and 2 Males available. Piglets are £650 each for 2 for £1100.

Cherry - From Peanuts litter £500



Derek was born in April 2019 are is an ex-show pig and would make a wonderful pet. He is £500. 


Please click here to see more about buying a micropig:

Get in touch with the email heading: PIG SALES so that a member of the team can get back to you on our latest stock to



We thankyou for your support to our small privately run farm and hope that we can welcome you back to the farm soon! 

Keep an eye on social media for regular updates & news on reopening and our piglets arrival. We also have a lot of things planned for the upcoming weeks including competitions and the live Face book event at the farm this Saturday 18th April.

Click here to the event !

We can't wait to see you all soon.


Kind Regards,

Olivia M.

Managing Director at Kew Little Pigs