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Hogs and Kisses! Another Pig Surprise at Kew Little Pigs – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Hogs and Kisses! Another Pig Surprise at Kew Little Pigs

On  a very sunny Saturday 13th October we were honoured to have helped with a very special engagement here at the farm. 

Toby Underwood, with a little help from our gorgeous show pig Mia, had the pleasure of asking his gorgeous lady Liddy Brown for his hand in marriage to which she tearfully replied yes with a huge grin on her face!

Liddy is absolutely pig mad and from when she was very little she would refuse ( and still does) to eat any pork. Toby's very first gift to Liddy was a little stuffed pig, which Toby thinks that was the present that made her fall in love with him!  Toby was getting constant requests from Liddy about get a micro pig and he is sure one day he will give in and get her one! However, for the meantime, his idea for this gorgeous engagement perfect such a big pig lover and Kew Little Pigs was so excited for the couple as we adore ideas as romantic as these! 

Liddy and Toby met at University in Southampton about 9 years ago. Toby was actually on the same course as her brother! After finishing Uni, Liddy moved to London and they continued to date until they move in together 4 years go. After 3 years living together in London, they decided to move out and buy their own place in Reading in March of this year. 

Liddy has has already said the couple are coming back next year in April for when the new piglets will be born. And they are hoping to get Mia to their wedding as well! 

Dear little Mia will definitely be buying herself a new hat for the occasion!

The team at Kew Little pigs, Mia and all the other piggies that were a part of what was such a magical surprise, wish the couple all their love at this very special time.