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GO FEED ME – Kew Little Pigs Farm



Due to the effects of Covid-19 our once thriving business is becoming a great concern for us.

The majority of our income comes from our visitors, bookings and private events.

Closing our doors to the public over 3 weeks ago has left us in a very worrying financial situation, especially as we are in limbo with over 50 pigs and piglets to care for plus other animals on the farm.

Trying to remain as humble as possible in these times of hardship, we switched our attention to upselling our merchandise, designing activity packs and reducing our adoptions by 50% .
Sadly we do not have any more resources and with the births of our planned spring litters, we have growing concern for our beloved animals.

The upkeep of our pigs costs us in excess of £1000 every month, this coupled with our monthly business outgoings has left us uncertain about the
future of our beloved Kew Little Pigs.

We are now getting to a stage where we need to reach out and ask for some support.

We know we have many loving and loyal supporters who have been so amazing to us in recents weeks. They have purchased adoptions and merchandise - which at the moment is what is feeding our animals.
We cant thank you enough.

If you are able to help, the pigs would be forever greatful.

Thank you all for all your comments and messages we recieve daily, they have really helped us through these difficult times.