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Congratulations Simone – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Congratulations Simone

A huge congratulations to Simone who farrowed her first litter of 7 gorgeous piglets last night (Monday 10th August). Despite the heat, the new Mum has done so well, she has been very content and chilled throughout, and today she is enjoying getting some much-needed rest in the shade. The litter which we haven't yet sexed are feeding well. You'll see from the images below Simone has farrowed some beautiful babies with striking coats and markings. 5 of the 7 piglets have already been sold.



The remaining two are looking for their forever homes. The piglets will remain with Mum for the first 8 weeks of their lives before moving on to new adventures in their forever homes. If you would like to visit, please be reminded Simone needs to nurse her litter so over the next few days or so, visitors will only be able to look at the piglets. Once they have become stronger, visitors will be allowed to pet both Simone and her babies. Anyone wishing to visit must have a pre-booked and pre-paid ticket. These can be purchased through our website. If you'd like to put a deposit down for the remaining two piglets please email: to find out more about our piglet deposit scheme and information on keeping a pig. We'd like to thank all of our supporters, to owner Olivia for staying with Simone throughout the birth and of course to our dearest Simone who has proven herself as a loving mother and all-round super piggy! For more update please request to join our mailing list.