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Blossom's piglets have arrived! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Blossom's piglets have arrived!

It's been such an exciting time, as on Sunday Blossom's piglets were born!

Mum and babies are doing really well, and our magnificent seven are getting used to the world, under the watchful eye of Blossom and the farm staff.

On Monday farm owner Olivia and the team found out the sex of the piglets, and we have six little boys and one little girl!

To do this they had to gently separate Blossom from her brood, before lifting each of the tiny babies who were also photographed for farm records.
Thank you to everyone who watched Blossom's progress on the live cameras on Twitch, YouTube and the website. 
You can still see how the piglets and mum are doing as the cameras are live 24 hours a day! 
To celebrate the new arrivals we are offering you 20% off a piggy pet and play session. To get the discount simply type in pigsdiscount24 at the online booking check out!