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Back to School! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Back to School!

Does your school feel like it's missing something...?

Could that be a Kew Little Pigs piggy!? We think so!! 

In case you weren't aware, here at Kew Little Pigs we do school visits! Not only can you bring your classmates and your teachers to the farm- we can also come to you! From classroom visits, to assembly presentations, to mini pig keeping at our farm, we really do offer it all for children to be able to engage and interact with our friendly piggies which offers enrichment. 

Our piggies are all super friendly, and they love having cuddles with new people - anyone who pays them attention even! 

We are also offering our free pigs to schools and clubs locally. 

We have 18 gorgeous pigs looking for their new 'forever homes'. Kew Little Pigs are offering schools and clubs with suitable land, TWO FREE MINIATURE PIGS!!!!!!! We can't believe it! All we ask in return to this amazing offer, is that two teachers or leaders complete our Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course and that you attend a two hour classroom visit from us here at Kew Little Pigs for just £600. 

This amazing offer won't last long, and we hope that at your school you can see room for a little piggy to help your little piggies with animal enrichment and bring a smile to your day!