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Amazing visit to Kew Little Pigs from Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Amazing visit to Kew Little Pigs from Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy

Kew Little Pigs received some very special visitors at the weekend when the Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy performed some amazing moves for the animals. 

The academy athletes visited our farm attraction in Old Amersham for a team building treat, and enjoyed meeting our adorable miniature pigs, goats and birds during their visit. 

And the talented team were also happy to show their amazing skills, performing a spectacular six person pyramid in the goat enclosure as the friendly animals looked on. 

Olivia Mikhail, owner of Kew Little Pigs, said: "What an amazing visit from the Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy, who came to the farm as a team building day. 

"We love to host clubs, charities and businesses and the friendly animals are the perfect experience to counter the stresses of training, working or whatever you may do. 

"It was so fun when the cheerleaders performed in the goat enclosure, though we are a bit worried that our goats might use the skills they have learned to reach the higher branches of the trees from now on." 

Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy was formed in 2014 by Pascale Descrettes, Ewan Alman and Katie Alman and is based at Lynx Gym.
 Cheerleading is an exciting sport that involves learning a huge range of exciting skills including tumbling, dance, building stunts and performance. 

Most of the skills rely on teamwork and all take a long time to learn, and it was clear to see at Kew Little Pigs just how proficient the clever team were. 

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