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A real piggy tale... What it's like to have a pig at home. – Kew Little Pigs Farm

A real piggy tale... What it's like to have a pig at home.

By Crystal Curzon 
I am allergic to dogs and although we have guinea pigs and rabbits that we adore, we were really after having that pet that we were able to call their name to and they would run to you. A pet that you could teach little tricks to and one that you could take on a little walk every now and then. Also a pet that could get along with our little rabbits and guinea pigs too.

We were looking at what kind of pet this could be. That's when we found micro pigs. We sat for hours looking at all different types of micro pigs and we all fell in love with the spotted ones. They reminded us of little dalmations.

There are plenty of farms over the UK selling micro pigs and we looked into quite a few. We also contacted some places regarding the micro pigs they had for sale.
Some places just responded with a few words, some told us to just look at a website but then we got the response from Kew little pigs.
There was a lady called Olivia who was extremely helpful and gave us loads of information about what we needed to be owners of micro pigs, how to look after them, directed us to the right places, offered video calls so we could see the pigs, did facebook live sessions around her farm etc.

There was also a team of people who responded quickly to emails, we spoke to a lady called Amy via emails who has always been very polite and quick at responding, even during this crazy time. People from kew little pigs responded quickly on facebook messages too.

They had some cute little spotted ones but we absolutely fell in love with our little fella, who we have called Pongo, and we just had to have him.

There is a lot you need to have to own a micro pig and we wouldn't have had a clue what to do or who to contact. We just thought that you could purchase one with a CPH and that's it. If you buy from Kew Little Pigs, you will be directed to all of the right places, have people on hand who will keep you informed and updated and you can feel confident in your purchase.

We have had our little buddy for almost 2 weeks now and we couldn't be happier. From day 1 he picked his toilet spot (right at the top end of the garden) so it has been really easy keeping on top of cleanliness. He loves our pets. He has made best friends with the rabbits. He comes when you call him. He has learnt to jump, turn around when you ask him to. He is very friendly with us and our children.
He is just the best. We couldn't have asked for better.

Thank you Kew little pigs.
The Curzon family.