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2019 Litter – Kew Little Pigs Farm

2019 Litter

We hope you are enjoying the sunny weather we have been having lately, but we have far too much excitement for small talk such as that! 
Our Proven Sow Jill has farrowed 10 Piglets on the 16th April 2019!

At about 9pm, while all of the other piggies were sleeping, something magical happened. Jill farrowed 10 healthy and happy piglets! We have 6 boys, and 4 girls. We're so excited, and couldn't wait to share with you! 

The Piglets are finding their feet, running around but keeping close to Mum. They have been sun creamed twice since arriving - lucky them! 
Jill is now relaxing in her pen, putting her feet up and having a few days off of being in the public eye. Having ten babies has made her tired! 
This is Jill's third litter of 10, and as normal she is being very calm and allowing us to go and check her babies regularly to make sure they're okay. 

Although we have sold a few of our new litter already, we still have some left! If you want to give these piggies a forever home, please contact us now at or on 01494 726993. 
Come and see our babies soon! They'd love to meet you.