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Kew Little Pigs March Newsletter – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Kew Little Pigs March Newsletter

We can't wait to welcome you back!

We are so pleased to announce that we are reopening at the end of this month on Tuesday 30th March!
We have been busy rebooking all the bookings cancelled over the last few months and taking new bookings. It's been brilliant to see our calendar filling up and we are looking forward to the farm being full of visitors again!


Click here to browse our experiences and book your visit

Don't forget that you can get a FREE ONE HOUR VISIT & FREE KLP FACEMASK if you purchase our 2021 Calendar full of piggy pictures and perfect for planning your year - now we can actually make plans!
Our BLUE LIGHT DEAL will be running until September giving all members of the emergency services and their friends & family 50% off our most popular experience Piggy Pet & Play.
Jill and Milo's piglets were born two weeks ago today and they are getting chunkier by the day.

All eight of them have now been sold and will be going to their new homes when they are eight weeks old.
They couldn't get enough of the sunshine at the weekend!
We are expecting THREE more litters in May!

Daisy and Simone, who are experienced sows, and first-time mum Squeaks (who has also recently been made adoptable) are all in pig.

Adopt our famous escape artist Squeaks here!


We are now taking deposits on these litters and for all deposits made in March, we are offering a FREE Comprehensive Guide to Pig Keeping Course.
Two girls from Peanut's litter (5 months old) and a boy and a girl from Mia's litter (3 months old) are for sale.

 Please fill out our enquiry form if you're interested in owning your very own miniature pig and we will be in touch:


Piglet Enquiry Form

Have your little oinkers been tuning into our Little Lessons by Kew Little Pigs?

Lesson Three - How to Look After a Pig is tomorrow at 12:30pm 

Starting last Friday, we have been teaching lessons all about pigs live from our YouTube channel to help you through the last few weeks of homeschooling.

After each lesson, you can send in your answers to our questions and if you complete all four lessons, you will receive your Piggy Pro Certificate!

If you've missed the first two lessons, you can watch them here! You have until 8th March to submit your answers to all four lessons.


If you'd like Tiny Tim & Tina to visit your school for an assembly and classroom sessions, please email to find out more.
Prices start from £240 an hour

Book 2 hours and get 20% off

Book 3 hours and you will receive a FREE ADOPTION of Tiny Tim & Tina for one year including quarterly newsletters, an A3 certificate and a 20% off code for all pupils to redeem on a visit to the farm with their families.



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A PIG thank you to those that have donated so far! We are still far from hitting our target of £2000 by 1st April, so if you are in a position to help, we would be very grateful.

The farm has now been closed for 8 months so every little bit of support has made all the difference. All funds raised go towards providing breeder pellets, potbellied pig feed, carrots, apples, bananas, hay, straw and not forgetting the goats' and chickens' feed. 



We're looking forward to seeing you at the farm very soon!

Olivia Mikhail 
Owner and Founder 
Kew Little Pigs