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Boar Hire – Kew Little Pigs Farm

 We have a selection of boars that we are hiring out to members of the public who have pigs and want to breed. 

  • The hire period in the boar hire agreement must be adhered to and the boar must be returned in a healthy condition
  • We will ensure that the boar is provided in good health and has up to date vaccinations
  • The boar is hired out for breeding purposes only and should not be used for anything else
  • Hire fees are £30 per day and you will be responsible for the boar for the duration of his stay. This includes all food, water, hay/straw, and housing. 
  • In the event of our boar being unwell or harmed you must contact Kew Little Pigs immediately and make the necessary phone calls and arrangements for vets. We cover all veterinary costs (unless the liability is yours
  • A £100 deposit must be made as a security payment for our pig. This will be given back to you once the boar is returned to us. You will not get this back if any of the terms and conditions or contract agreements are broken. 
  • When hiring our boar, you must provide us with your CPH number, proof of address, and formal identification
  • Our boar must only be used to sire gilts or sows by the person who has signed the agreement only. 
  • Our boar should be cared for in the correct manner according to DEFRA
  • We will insure our boar while it is on your land
  • You must deliver the boar back to us at the end of the boar hire period or arrange transport through us to collect him. 
  • The agreement is for a minimum period of 21 days and cannot be terminated within these 21 days due to the 20 days standstill that livestock have. 


Please email for more information regarding our boar hire!