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The Kew Little Pigs Experience

Kew Little Pigs is an award-winning miniature pig business with over a decade of miniature pig breeding. We offer unique miniature pig experiences at our small family-run micro pig farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Our hands-on experiences give visitors access into our petting pens to pet and play with our friendly pigs. Throughout the year we breed litters of piglets, however, we cannot guarantee there will be piglets at the time of your visit, so please follow us on social media for updates on when new piglets arrive! Our pigs love attention and we encourage you to stroke and pet them, but please avoid picking up the pigs as this can distress them. Visits are by appointment only.

Hire our miniature pigs for parties, events, corporate, film or TV campaigns. We have attended parties and events at nursing and care homes, birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, children's birthday parties, in schools and at corporate events. 

Our Micro pigs have been in countless film, Tv and Media campaigns including; Save the Children, Games of Thrones, the Royal Mint Coin, Hendricks Gin, Tatler, Gluck Gaming, Moonpig, Bearded Kitten, Good Morning Britain and as the cover pigs on the upcoming band Shames 2017 EP ( to name a few) 

Kew Little Pigs are also dedicated and trusted miniature pig breeders, selling a variety of micro pigs both in the UK and internationally. 

The KLP Experience

Miniature Pigs For Sale

Kew Little Pigs are one of the UK's largest and most trusted miniature pig breeders. We have a selection of pigs for sale all year round.

Pigs for sale

"AMAZING would definitely visit again. Great for people of all ages, partner and I went. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was lovely because we were left to do our own thing after the tour = unlimited snuggles :)!!"

Francesca, June 2021

"We were shown the pig pens that we were allowed to access, where we had free rein to pet the piglets (there were many) whose personalities were already at the fore, many of them would chase one another playfully and at speed so were great fun to watch! They are all socialised and person friendly, allowing you to stroke them, brush them and hand feed them at length.The farm exceeds cleanliness standards regards Covid 19 and there are numerous stations dotted around to maintain a high level of sanitation, alleviating any worries. I would imagine that anyone who loves pigs, will have an absolutely fabulous experience at Kew Little Pigs"

Clair, June 2021

“We are tremendously grateful for Kew Little Pigs’ support of Save the Children through their one-hour farm visits. Support like this is vital in helping us to achieve our vision to ensure every child doesn’t just survive, but thrives so they can realise their full potential and make their mark on the world. We do whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – to transform children’s lives and would like to thank Kew Little Pigs for helping us in this mission.” 

Laura Skinner, Senior Partnerships Manager - Save the Children

"We enjoyed your visit so much today and the children were still talking about it when I saw some of them at a schools music concert in Twickenham this evening!
We really appreciate you giving up your time to come and see us, it was such a valuable learning experience for the children."

Lucy Ashby, Deputy Head Teacher - Holy Trinity CE Primary School

"Thanks for such a lovely experience. We visited the farm this morning and it was very well organised. A lot of information, we felt very safe with all the information re: COVID and the staff were very friendly and the pigs and other animals in the farm are treated with such respect. Olivia was very knowledgable and grateful and welcoming. Such a lovely experience. I will recommend it to my colleagues at the NHS ‘cause it is a very relaxing day."

Raquel, May 2021