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Pomeranian – Kew Little Pigs Farm


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This plush Pomeranian is the perfect companion for children and adults who adore this breed. The high-quality selection of fabrics used to create the toy give it a realistic look, and the incredibly soft stuffing makes it super-soft to cuddle. An ideal companion for bedtime!

Pomeranians are adorable little puffballs with distinct foxlike faces and plumed tails. They come in 23 colour combinations including orange, white, chocolate and black!

Pomeranians are very smart and are often used as therapy dogs. They are very playful and love being the centre of attention. 

Fast Fact 

A pomeranian holds the record for the fastest 10m run on hind legs.



Believe it or not... 

They used to be much bigger until Queen Victoria bred them to be little.