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Long Eared Owl Soft Toy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Long Eared Owl Soft Toy

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This beautiful nocturnal Long-Eared Owl soft toy strikes a majestic pose, mimicking its real-life counterpart! With mottled plumage, large head feathers (otherwise known as ‘ear tufts’!) and striking golden eyes, this plush owl is an impressive addition to any soft farm toy collection.

The Long Eared Owl certainly looks wise and majestic, with an imposing stare and mysterious nature. They live in dense woodlands and are known to recycle other bird’s old nests, like crows, ravens and magpies. Although they don’t like to make their own nests, they aren’t lazy. Like all owls, they’re nocturnal so are active only at night. Hunting small mammals, they eat voles and mice and sometime small birds in the Winter. They have incredible hearing and vision, and so locate prey by sound or sight. 

Fast Fact 

Their loud hoot can sometimes be heard up to 1 kilometre away. 



Believe it or not… 

The ear tufts on their heads aren’t actually ears, they’re long bits of fur.