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Lamb Soft Toy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Lamb Soft Toy

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Made with premium materials, this super soft and realistic lamb soft toy is ready to be cuddled to your heart’s content.

This farm animal toy loves a conversation and is a great listener for people of all ages to enjoy!

When we think of the ‘typical’ sheep, we probably think of the same, white-faced sheep. But there are actually over 80 different breeds of sheep. They’re covered in short, dense wool which can range from a cream colour to a dark chocolate brown. They’re generally very timid and gentle animals, but are great team players. They’re always found in herds to protect themselves from predators. Within these herds, the female sheep, called ewes, are the leaders. They have incredible flocking instincts, so when one sheep goes in one direction, they all follow. That’s why farmers use sheepdogs to control where the herd is going. 

Fast Fact 

Sheep can self-medicate by using plants and soil to treat disease. 



Believe it or not… 

Sheep don’t have teeth in their upper front jaw.