Hen soft toy

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This simply stunning and unusual soft toy makes a wonderful surprise gift to anyone who can appreciate the attention to realism which has been paid to its design.

The realistic features and stunning workmanship make this plush hen a wonderful addition to any farm toy collection and a fun talking point when visitors spot this unique toy.

Female chickens are called hens and they’re known as domesticated fowls, the name for birds that are kept as a pet or on a farm. Farmers raise hens because they lay eggs that can be eaten. But some eggs can grow a chick inside. When this happens, its mother hen turns the egg up to 50 times a day to make sure the chick gets enough heat all over it. Hens can lay over 300 eggs per year, that’s a lot of eggs. 

Fast Fact 

There are more chickens on earth than people – 25 billion. 


Farm or chicken coop. 

Believe it or not... 

The record number of eggs laid by one chicken in a day is 7.