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Fox Soft toy – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Fox Soft toy

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This gorgeously detailed plush red British Fox has been carefully crafted from high-quality fabrics to give cute but realistic features.

Bring nature into your home with this cheeky woodland plush toy!

Foxes are part of the dog family so have some similarities with dogs, wolves and coyotes. There are actually 37 types of foxes around the world and the most common is the Red Fox. Unsurprisingly, this fox is named after the colour of its fur. They usually live in forests, but some foxes can live in grasslands, mountains and even deserts and the Artic! Whilst most foxes are wild animals, some can be kept as pets. And these foxes can make friends for life with their owners! They’re actually very loveable and enjoy cuddles with you just like cats and dogs!

Fun Fact
A group of foxes is called a skulk.


Believe it or not...
Foxes are extremely playful and love stealing peoples’ footballs and golf balls to play with.