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Assorted Owls – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Assorted Owls

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You will be sure to have a hoot with these little owl cuddly toy which has been made with the fluffiest materials.

Their gorgeous large golden eyes, super-soft body and adorable little feet, make this farmyard plush the perfect gift for children or owl enthusiasts.

A selection of different owls, each having their own beautiful characteristics. They make their nests in holes in trees but have also been known to nest in old buildings, walls and nest boxes. They’re nocturnal birds which means they’re active at night. Particular breeds of own find their perfect partner, they form a lifelong bond and mate for life.  

Fast Fact 

Their hearing is so good they can even hear the rustles and squeaks that mice make. 



Believe it or not... 

In Greek mythology, the little owl was sacred to the goddess of wisdom. Hence the phrase ‘wise owl’ used today.