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Children's Pig Keeper Days - School Holiday Activity Camps – Kew Little Pigs Farm
Children Petting Pigs

Children's Pig Keeper Days


Spend a day at the Kew Little Pigs farm learning how to be a pig keeper, getting stuck in with farm tasks and getting your hands mucky! End the day with Piggy Pet & Playtime, hot chocolate and a goodie bag!

2024 Dates Now Available
Monday and Tuesday only

1st & 2nd April 2024

8th & 9th April 2024

27th & 28th May 2024

5th & 6th August 2024

12th & 13th August 2024

Time: 9:00am - 3:30pm

Cost: £80 per child (aged 7 - 16 years)

Ages 7 - 16 years ONLY
Bottle Feeding Piglet
"Harrison absolutely loved his experience. He has been telling everyone what he had done. The feeding, games, playing with the piggies even the cleaning out.....he loved every second of it there. He said his favourite was feeding the piglets and having the pigs following him around when he went in to brush them; ‘They love me, and I love them’ he said. Kew Little Pigs is one of his favourite places he’s ever been too and no doubt he will become a regular. Thank you so much again"


"I just wanted to let you know what a lovely day Theo and Toby had. Thank you so much! They really enjoyed their time with the pigs and didn’t even mind the mucking out!! When I came to collect the boys they were so excited to show me around and introduce me to the gorgeous pigs. Theo has visited a few times in the past and was delighted to see Gizmo once more."



  • Full day of activities
  • Giving all the animals on the farm their breakfast!
  • Mucking out, including our Chickens and Goats and Guinea Pigs
  • Biscuits & Drinks
  • Brushing, washing and petting the pigs
  • Sun creaming the pigs in hot weather!
  • Learning about Animal Welfare and Daily Care
  • Making new friends 
  • Games in the afternoon, fun on the Go Cart
  • Activities in the Barn 
  • Piggy Pack to take home including:
    • Certificate
    • Poster
  • Ice Cream at the end of the day
Parents are invited to join their Children at the end of the day to experience the farm and what the Children have been up to!

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    Wheelbarrow Race

    Boy Petting Pigs
    "What a fun day! I really enjoyed it. I loved bottle feeding the little runt piglets and learning all about them. The piglets kept escaping which was so funny and it was so much fun helping to catch them again. All the people were so helpful and I really enjoyed the ice cream! Definitely recommend to animal lovers."
    Farmer For A Day
    Welly Throwing
    "Lucy had the most amazing day as a pig keeper at Kew Little Pigs. The team there were really friendly and taught her a lot about keeping and looking after the pigs. The pigs themselves are quite naughty, and the children spent a lot of time chasing them around, laughing at their antics. Lucy also enjoyed meeting the chickens and ducks, and came home with a few eggs too which was lovely. She wants to come back every day and do it again. Thanks so much"
    Tug Of War