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Waste not want not! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Waste not want not!

As a nation we waste an alarming amount of food and Kew Little Pigs are passionate about helping! 

In fact, supermarkets  throw away tonnes of food waste each year and the adult population adds millions tonnes on top of that.

Lat week we were thrilled to have received two deliveries of  an incredible amount of fruit and vegetables from Waitrose Beaconsfield!

Their environmentally conscience team's generosity was just incredible and our pigs and goats were so very thankful to receive pallets of carrots, bananas and broccoli. The additional vegetables that the animals cannot eat have been put to good use for our compost for the farm. If we can make this a regular arrangement with local supermarkets, we can help reduce food waste whilst feeding our animals and allowing our farm to flourish at the same time! 

If you are booked in to visit our farm and would like to bring your windfall, we can accept produce that has either come from the garden or straight from a supermarket but has not passed through you kitchen. 

Pigs cannot eat anything from the deadly nightshade family, however love carrots, bananas, Brussels sprouts