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The Pig I do! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

The Pig I do!

The PIG I do! 


Over the years Kew Little Pigs have been honored to be chosen as a romantic setting for surprise proposals. We've had to hold back tears whilst watching nervous partners get down on their knee (on dry ground and in the mud!) to pop the question to the love of their lives. We've dealt with various requests such as having rings tied to piggy collars, popping open a bottle of bubbles or creating a distraction so the unsuspecting Fiancéis kept in the dark until the very end. The farm is a fantastic setting choice for a proposal, becoming a talking point for couples, and a story to tell their future grandchildren! 

If you're looking to pop the question, but struggling to find a memorable location, get in touch with us to find out more! When you're ready for the 'pig' day why not choose to have our piggies at the reception? We have two new beautiful show pigs; Bill and Ted who would make an excellent addition to your wedding!