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The big DETUSK! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

The big DETUSK!

Hi Piggy lovers! 

Kew Little Pigs hopes that you're having the best week - isn't the sun lovely! We've had a busy few weeks here at the Farm, including some de tusking! 

Gizmo, our ex show boy, Milo, our newest Daddy, and Patrick, the Grandad of the farm, have all been detusked in the last two weeks! Hampden Vets came out to the farm, we have been working with them for ages now. 

Separating the pigs... What a challenge! After Gizmo escaped for 20 minutes, we finally managed to isolate just him in his pen - and the vet begun! 

It is important to de tusk Miniature Pigs. As they play with their friends, they are in danger of cutting their faces. We de tusk our piggies as soon as the tusks are big enough. This process is very easy, and the piggies don't feel a thing! 

The vet cuts off the tusk, and then sprays it with blue disinfectant to make sure the pig's mouth does not get infected. The medication made them sleepy, and so (as normal) they slept through it all! 

At Kew Little Pigs, we believe that animal care is the most important part of our farm. Our pampered pigs are loved everyday, both by us and our customers!