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Summer of love lothario Blanket is looking for a new home! – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Summer of love lothario Blanket is looking for a new home!

A horny hog who spent one fabulous summer of love hopping over a fence to romance his neighbours is looking for a home for his retirement. 

In 2021 Blanket the boar made national newspaper headlines when he bemused our staff who were unsure how their sows were getting pregnant. 

His romantic antics were only found out after Blanket was spotted climbing on a bench that is used by visitors to sit on between the male and female pigs. 

We discovered that when the sneaky pig climbed back into his own pen, he would move the bench back to its original position so that no one would notice.

But now it is time for Blanket to head for pastures new, and the farm is looking for a loving home for the famous pig as part of a turnover of stock in order to ensure the health of the breeding programme. 

Oliva Mikhail, owner of the award-winning micro pig breeder and attraction, said: “Blanket really did pull the wool over our eyes in 2021, and that was such a funny time. He’s such a character and we are going to be really sad to see him go. 

“We won’t let him go to just anyone, and everyone who buys a pig from us must take part in a pig keeping course. He deserves to be truly pampered in his retirement and we are looking for a home which understands that.”

Blanket loves people and is also young enough to sire more piglets if the new owner would like to set up their own breeding programme. 

And the boar will forever be remembered for his summer of love, and the 74 piglets that he fathered during his time at Kew Little Pigs. 

Olivia added: “We were well prepared to look after piglets here, we also take security and welfare very seriously.

"He did try to get the better of us, it was really funny, but all the pigs were very happy that summer and I think they enjoyed the whole thing!"

To find out more about buying Blanket email