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Schools pig scheme: Could your school or club welcome three little pig – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Schools pig scheme: Could your school or club welcome three little pigs?

Kew Little Pigs is looking for schools and groups to care for pigs as part of an innovative national project.

We started the pigs for schools’ scheme in 2021, as a way to encourage empathy, teamwork and animal care skills in young people.

Schools and community groups are given support by Kew Little Pigs to start up a pig club, which they can then run independently after taking part in a pig keeping course.

And then the farm delivers specially bred tame micro pigs to the pig club, and the sociable pigs have been met with rave reviews from all who have taken part.

Olivia Mikhail, owner of Kew Little Pigs, said: “Our pig club schemes are popular, and from a breeding and farming perspective the turnover of stock helps us to keep everyone here at the attraction healthy and happy.

“We love hearing updates from the schools and clubs who have bought pigs, and for the life of the animals are on hand to offer support and advice.”

The farm currently has several pigs who would be perfect for the pig club environment.

Pigs including farm favourites Ron, Ralph and Neville, who were born in 2021 and have lived at the award-winning attraction where they love to meet visitors.

The three little pigs come as a trio, and would be the perfect addition to any pig club set up.

Olivia added: “Pigs are amazing creatures, and we consider it our job to teach as many people as possible how wonderful they are. They have the cognitive skills of a clever dog and can even be trained to do tricks. They make amazing pets, and we are so proud of all the animals that we breed.”

To find out more about buying Ron, Ralph and Neville or starting a pig club email