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Pigs of Paradise UK Book Launch – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Pigs of Paradise UK Book Launch

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 1th September 2019, the KLP team were honoured to be invited to the UK book launch of T.R Todd's fantastic new book 'The Pigs of Paradise'.

If you've read both our previous blogs and follow us on social media, you'd have read our review of the book and seen some of the photos from the event. 

So, if you know the story of the infamous Swimming Pigs, you'll know about the island they inhabit.

The island of the Bahamas is an archipelago with more than 700 islands and thousands of cays spread out over 10,000 square miles of ocean. The Exumas, are where the pigs hail from and in 2017 Olivia of KLP was fortunate enough to visit them. Since then, her relationship with the island has flourished, and KLP feature in Todd's book.  

On Wednesday Olivia, Michelle and Amy k, along with showgirls Mia and Rosie-May, left the peaceful surroundings of our farm in Amersham Buckinghamshire, to join Todd and his VIP guests at Stanfords bookshop in Covent Garden, London. 

First opening their doors in 1901, Stanfords is a specialist map and travel bookshop and is something of an institution. 

Our showgirls Rosie-May and Mia were both excited to be part of the event, and in true piggy style caused a huge fuss, gaining themselves an army of new fans. 

The girls happily played in their makeshift event pen, welcoming guests in  for a cuddle and some carrots! 

It was a honour to meet Jeff (Todd) and chat about his publication and relationship with the Swimming Pigs as well as Mr. Marche Mackey the Third Secretary of the Bahamas High Commission, Isabella Jones from the  Bahamas Maritime Authority and Anthony Reckley, Director of Swimming Pigs Caribbean inspired Gin.

After the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian, it was lovely to see islanders in high spirits, talking about the publication, showcasing the 'Pigs of Paradise' film, and sharing information of their tourist industry, which needs to stay robust to help the country rebuild and recover from the tragedy. 

To compliment the evening, Swimming Pig gin cocktails were poured freely alongside delicious nibbles. 

The KLP team were all gifted with goody-bags containing gin miniatures. The Swimming Pigs Gin, which is 10 years in the making, is an exotic drink, with refreshing and uplifting citrus notes (a little nod towards the islands landscape). Its a truly unique gin with a totally tropic taste

Its a drink that we think our show girls would be the perfect cover girls for! 

After numerous piggy cuddles, lots of great conversations and networking opportunities, it was time to get back in the KLP piggy van, and get the girls back home to the comfort of their piggy beds! 

If you'd like  a copy of the 'Pigs of Paradise' book, we have limited stock on our website: