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Pigs of Paradise – Kew Little Pigs Farm

Pigs of Paradise

Over the last few years Kew Little Pigs have worked tirelessly with the Bahamas to educate and inform island natives about the domestic pig. Olivia, Kew Little Pigs business owner was also fortunate enough to fly to the island to work with the animals first hand in 2017.

The phenomenon of the swimming pigs soon turned Exuma into a tourist trap with people travelling to catch a glimpse of these four-legged  animals  that happily inhabit the island, which for decades remained largely unknown to the word.

The journalist T.R.Todd celebrates all that is pig in new book ‘The Pigs of Paradise’.

This hardback edition is beautifully executed , peppered with geographic and historic information and explores our fascination with pigs through interviews with historians and famous pig owners. Kew Little Pigs are also featured and T.R.Todd shares our journey from a small garden business in Kew to one of the largest and most unique micro pig businesses within the UK.

The book is bought to life further with images that have been shared across social platforms thus making the island the mecca for animal lovers worldwide. Photos depicting once in a life time opportunities that would make anyone dreaming of paradise green with envy, are rich in colour and show tourists posing happily alongside contented piggies in out of this world exotic landscapes.

For many the dream of visiting the Bahamas will remain just so, however Todd’s ability as a genuine and informative writer, brings a wonderfully unique story to life making the reader feel as if they too are basking under exotic temperatures taking selfies with one of nature most intelligent and curious beasts. 

On the 11th and 12th of September, the Kew Little Pigs team are honoured to be a part of Todd's UK book launch at Stanford bookstore in central London.  The 12th of September is open to the public and will be a fantastic opportunity to meet Todd to find out more about how the pigs  reached such celebrity status and what made them so famous.

The store will also be screening the UK-premiere of the new, full length film based on T.R. Todd's book Pigs of Paradise directed by Charlie Smith.

For more information on tickets please click the link below:

If you fancy purchasing a copy of 'Pigs of Paradise' for either yourself or a loved one, Kew Little Pigs are honoured to be stockists. But hurry as we only have a limited quantity available. 

Regardless of your opinion of these pigs that once came from humble beginnings and are now named as one of the 'marvels of the universe' it can be agreed that the swimming pigs bring those that meet them joy and happiness, much the same as the reactions KLP get from visitors to our farm. Todd quotes the late Churchill (and it's a quote that we think sums up our passion for piggies) 

'I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals' .

Olivia from KLP has a long standing relationship with the Bahamas. Below are some images taken from her 2017 trip to the Island to meet our four-legged cousins.